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Convertor data Unix gadget

This converter will transform a certain date in Unix format into a readable date. Check the picture to understand how it works. Basically, just enter the Unix date in the UNIX TIME field and click the submit button; in the box below you will get the normal date.
To insert the converter in your page copy the text below into your HTML code:

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Convertor data Unix
Acest convertor va transforma/converti o data in format Unix intr-un format usor de citit. Astfel, in exemplul din poza, am ales la intamplare 1232453245; data Unix va trebui introdusa in casuta de sus, UNIX Time. Dupa ce introduceti data Unix faceti click pe butonul
Submit si dedesubt va aparea afisata data in formatul zi, data, luna, an, ora. Astfel, in poza rezultatul e Tue, 20 Jan 2009 12:07:25 GMT.

CHMOD calculator gadget

This CHMOD calculator will let you find out the values you need to give to a certain file/folder if you want it to be readable/writable/etc. Just check the permissions you like to give and for which who (owner of the file, group, other)
Gadget code

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CHMOD calculator
Calculeaza valoarea chmod pentru folderele si fisierele sistemului de operare Linux (Unix). Probabil inutil fanilor Windows, insa interesant celor ce folosesc Linux. Selectati permisiunile pe care le doriti pentru Owner, Group si Other si valoarea chmod va aparea in casuta de dedesubt.
De exemplu, 777 ofera permisiune de scriere, citire si executie pentru oricine.