!!! NEW CODES !!!

Since iGoogle will soon disappear we decided to rebuild all our gadgets using pure javascript. Some of the gadgets will not work probably, however we're sure that the most important ones will work; these are the converters, the tools, etc.
So we will rebuild all the gadgets and, as soon as we finish one, we will also update it's page. The javascript (future) gadgets will be hosted by Google Code; being on Google's servers we hope they will load faster. Another good thing is that that since they're loaded somewhere else they will not consume your hosting bandwidth.
In conclusion, if you're already using our gadgets, you should check the gadget's page on our site to see if the new code is available and replace your old gadget with the new one. We don't know how long Google will keep alive the iGoogle gadgets so it is better to move as fast as you can.
Regards, Gadget Blog.

P.S. Worth to mention that the new JavaScript codes will not include advertising ads.