Latest updates: All the gadgets will be re-written in pure javascript; we'll update the gadgets articles with the new links/codes to the .js files. If you're using our iGoogle gadgets, you should visit the gadget's page/article and get the new (javascript) code. The new (.js) code must replace the old one.

The Gadget Blog is an online collection of only the best gadgets and most popular Google gadgets. You can find much more Google gadgets, or iGoogle gadgets, orGoogle igadgets right on the Google s gadget directory but the problem is a lot of developers are not actually building gadgets, useful gadgets; they just spam the Google s directory with useless igadgets.
 All the gadgets published here are verified first being posted on the website and we don t allow bad gadgets or spam. On Gadget Blog you ll find only useful gadgets,convertersuseful informationtranslatorsdictionariesweather gadgetshoroscopes,photo slide showsgames and many more.
 You can use the Gadget Blog s gadgets on your iGoogle page or on your webpage. Therefore, if you have a blog, site, forum (etc.) we encourage you to use our gadgets this will offer your visitors a plus of information and many useful utilities and tools, making them so like your page and eventually come back.
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