Birthday date

Birthday date is a javascript gadget that will display someone's birthday by decreasing his age from the current date. You can see (photo) in the first field the date today (Today). Below, in the for this age field add the person's age. Optionally you can choose the date format. After that click the update button and get the birthday date. It is kind of useless, nevertheless an interesting small piece of javascript code :)
Birthday date code

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Birthday date
Data nasterii va ajuta sa aflati data nasterii cuiva; gadgetul va afisa data nasterii in 3 formate diferite: luna/ziua/anul, ziua/luna/anul si anul/luna/ziua. Pentru a schimba formatul afisat faceti un click pe casuta din dreptul fiecarui format.
In partea de sus a gadgetului este afisata data curenta, ziua in curs. Dedesubt, pentru a afla ziua nasterii cuiva, introduceti varsta acestuia (sau acesteia); in poza am ales 99 de ani. Api faceti click pe butonul update. Data nasterii va aparea in dreptul varstei... de fapt anul nasterii, mai precis.

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