Periodic Table of the Elements (Mendeleev's table)

The Mendeleev's table (named after the Russian scientist who design it) will display the periodic table of elements (e.g. the chemical elements). Click on any element and you'll get its full name (ex. H = Hydrogen), the melting and freezing temperatures and the weight of the isotope. The gadget canbe integrated in your iGoogle page only if you change the width of the tabs,since it has around 500px width. Is was design mainly for integration in webpages, blogs, forum etc.
To insert the converter in your page copy the text below into your HTML code:

Periodic Table of the Elements (Mendeleev's table)Tabelul lui Mendeleev, sau tabelul chimic al elementelor, sau tabelul elementelor aa fost denumit dupa numele savantului rus care l-a scris. Acesta a catalogat toate elementele chimice cunoscute in acest tabel - sincer nu stiu daca de la acest tabel au mai fost descoperite si alte elemente chimice.
Despre gadget: faceti un click pe orice simbil al oricarui element din tabel; in casutele de dedesubt se vor incarca caracteristicile elementului respectiv: numele, numarul din tabel, greutatea, temperatura de topire si de inghet (acolo unde este cazul). Sub acestea exista si o scurta definitie a tipurilor de elemente chimice (metale, nemetale etc)

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