Clock (flash)

A simple flash clock that will display (obviously) the time. Three hands are on the clock, hour, minute and second. The clock size is fixed, 150px/150px, as it can be easily integrated in any lateral menu on your site so it will display the exact time to your site's visitors.

Clock (flash)Un ceas simplu in flash ce afiseaza ora, minutele si secundele. Trei limbi, nimic prea complicat, dimensiunile ceasului sunt 150 pixeli pe 150 pixeli. Poate fi incadrat usor in aproape orice meniu lateral pentru a afisa ora exacta vizitatorilor paginii dvs.

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You can use these gadgets to improve the aspect of your page, its functionality or to offer something new, unique or funny to your visitors; this way you and your site's visitors will always have access to, for example, the latest news, free games to play, daily weather or the daily horoscope and so on.